Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Shake me up!

I totally need a good shaking!Align Center
I need to snap out of it.

What 'it'?

a mood

The mood.

That dark, heavy, icky, pissy mood.

The one I've been in for the past few days -- some of you are familiar with these moods - the ones that come on, unannounced, unbidden, unwelcome and try to make themselves at home from time to time.

I am determined today to shake myself out of it, its been about 3 days and I'm totally sick of it.

I know many who read here don't share my particular faith so I won't belabor it, but for me - everything (all of life) is faith related, so whether its a good mood or a bad mood - I need to talk to God about it. Right now that means more prayer, more time in the bible. . . .more reliance on God. Gotta love these repetitive reminders of my need for grace. Starting last night instead of reading my current novel in bed - I went with the bible. I've read several devotionals today already (short passages of bible with some commentary).....and while these things aren't out of the norm - I can (and do) get into periods where its more infrequent and less meaningful.

Part of my current mood, I recognize stems from 'life', parts of which are too private for blogsphere, but one thing I realized today is that even though it IS overwhelming and it IS a lot to bear and much of it is out of my control....I need to take responsibility for what I can control and I need to buck up. I think I've been letting (to a large degree) life happen to me lately rather than engaging fully.

So, as of now (and for now, today is all I can commit to) -- eyes open, focused, head and heart aligned - engage life. No passive BS.

As for what I can share on the blog....I am not even sure I can remember everything thats been going on the past couple of weeks.


LG had his Spring Strings Concert

and his Spring Choral Concert

I only managed to have the camera on hand for the choral concert.

And he saw me having the camera on hand

and it was fun to smile and wave

until I kept trying to get him to slide left two steps so I had a clear shot

That is when I remembered how much he likes to follow the rules. He apparently had been coached to stand in the EXACT spot in which his two feet were FIRMLY planted

and my charades were getting old

and he wasn't having any of it

Then there is Pedro.

You may remember him from the bath

or the bad breathe

or the surgery.

well, here he is again - looking quite forlorn

He had an injury to his foot (paw) which required a trip to the Animal Hospital.

(where I had visions of Missy)

And he has looked quite pathetic...with his bandaged paw

and its hard to walk

our chunky monkey is a little hop-along.

or was.

He now has the bandage of and his foot is healing nicely. :)

In addition to all this running around - I've been busy trying to get ready for two shows this month. First larger shows that I've done.

I purchased a tent and am trying to re-configure my displays.

In addition to making some new items to fill out said displays.

I'm les tired.

so take a nap and then fire ze mizzles!

oh never mind.

The holiday weekend went by in a blur as we cleaned windows (and I do mean CLEANED as in scrubbed, inside and out, top and botton, frames, sills, screens) and attended other chores.

I am so thankful for that extra day off. So nice.

LG had a friend spend the night Sunday night.

They chased fireflies and caught a frog, roasted marshmallows and ate 'smores.

Posed for the camera.......

Watched a movie, played some games and went to bed promptly at 1am.

They arose at 7am.

Then they had b-fast and played and ran in the sprinkler and ate lunch and then went to the pool

and then friend went home around 4:30.

They were les tired.

Happy Wednesday all! :)