Saturday, February 05, 2011

Got a little wild today

Whooohoooh- Saturday! YAY!

I got a good night sleep last night (finally! I haven't been getting in bed before midnight this week...) So I went in a little earlier last night and read for just a short time and we up feeling really rested. So whooooohoooooo! :)

Made blueberry pancakes for the family - and a great big green smoothie for myself. (in my half fixed blender.....which is now not at all fixed...)

So far it was a typical Saturday for me - cleaning, errands, that sort of thing.

But then......I changed things up - - - - got a little wild....

I did the grocery shopping!!! I usually go on Sunday's after church ). Oh yea I'm wild like that - like to mix things up now and then. ;-)

ohhhh, and then I made a FAB-O dinner. While at the deli counter I got it in my head to buy a bunch of seafood and make a seafood bisque. (though truly I'm not sure what a bisque is....I was thinking white, creamy, seafood.....served with crusty bread..mmmm. to me, this = bisque)

So I bought some hake, shrimp, crab, and oysters. And a quart of half and half. :-D oh yea.

I sauted onions, celery, and baby bella mushrooms in butter til they were all soft, added the hake til that was cooked. Then took all of that out of the pan.

I chopped yukon gold potatoes and put them in the pan with some water, sherry, and white wine - and jarred roasted red peppers that I had cut up - and let that simmer until the potatoes were JUST getting soft. While they were cooking I flaked up the hake and rinsed the oysters - oh and peeled half of the shrimp.

I then added the oysters to the potatoes, let that cook a few minutes.

Then added that to the original mixture, added the shrimp...cooked for a minute or two

- then added almost the entire quart of half and half.

Cooked for a minute or two and then added an incredible amount of crab.

Let simmer for a few minutes.......added a bit of Old Bay.

And YUM-O.

It really was incredible.

Relatively few ingredients....quick cooking....and spectacular results.

It was rich and creamy and just a tad salty.

The shrimp and crab were slightly sweet.....and the potatoes were sooo creamy.


I will definitely make this again.

I ate two bowls though, so I don't think I can make it often, with the half and half it is definitely not a low cal meal.