Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A doodle a day.....

does something for me.

I used to be a doodler.

Well, ok - truth be told, I still am. But not on the level that I used to be.

I still scrawl and scratch when I'm on the phone, or sitting too long doing something. . . or not doing something.

but um, well, its not much these days. Until now.........

A year or so ago I saw something called a zentangle . It brought back memories of these HUGE doodles I used to do(odle). Maybe when I was in middle school or early high school. While most of the zentangles I see tend to be more 'purposed'....mine were very scattered.

I used to turn on some music and grab a piece of 20x30 paper and just start. Small.....and allow the doodle to grow.  Repeating shapes or lines, all small in scale but built up on top of each other until it filled the whole page with mindboggling black ink. I quickly forgot about it though and went about my business.  Lately though, zentangles are popping up everywhere and  while I'm not doing zentangles - fun though they appear. I did decide to see if I could resurrect the doodles of my past. I no longer have the pages so I can't really compare but these don't feel like those - close, but no cigar.

But hey, I'm not the same person now, so it is probably a good thing that they have changed. I've changed too.

anyway, back to the doodling. I find it relaxing.....so I'm enjoying rediscovering the art of the 'doodle'

Here are a few that I've done in the past two or three days. (I think its become a minor addiction)

This might be #2

The one to the left is #3

to the right #2 (it looked familiar, right?)

an up close shot of #4

This little gem is #5

and #6 hasn't been photographed yet.

neither has #7.

I don't like #7 so it may actually never meet the camera lens.

Although I thought it was impossible to NOT like a doodle - I mean it's a DOODLE for crying out loud!!! - I decided to build on an element from #6 -- and well, I just don't like the end result.

But we shall see.  What do you think? Wanna see it?