Friday, February 11, 2011

OK, I lied

I told an untruth. A fib. A falsehood.

So I need to come clean. And apologize.

And I will. But first, let me explain that I just wasn't myself. 

I think it had something to do with the trauma of moving my office yesterday. My brain was rattled and my world view - ok my work view - was being shifted.


So, I am sorry. . . . . and I hope you will forgive me . . . .

but I apparently lied when I said I had no photos of the bread pudding making.

I actually did take photos of the bread pudding making - not complete photos but photos nonetheless.

This is 2 egg yolks, half and half, and sugar -

not sure if the ricotta is in there yet.

and here is my leftover bread.

De-crusted but not yet chopped.

I chopped it all up

and tossed it in the bowl


then I added chopped strawberries

buttered a dish and plopped it all in there.

Baked for about 35 minutes I guess.

at about 400 degrees.

then I turned the broiler on for just a moment or two to really get the top crispy.


doesn't it look good???  It was.

Oh and last  night I took some photos of the bathroom that we redid a while back.

I have no 'before's but just imagine a early 70's bathroom with blue everything.

Now its lovely earthtones.

Still need curtains - we're working on the cosmetics slowly. :)

In the commode and shower area


 IN the shower.......

 At the sink

(do you see what I see?)

(ok, there are two things that might be fun to spot)

[ If you spot both of them maybe there will be a little prize - just for fun! ]

And then IN the shower as in really

IN the shower!


Janice (and LG)