Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Is it the same? Almost?

I've mentioned before that we love words in our playing with them, learning about them, saying them over and over and over (that's the best - how they become funny with repetition).  We also repeat words or phrases from movies, songs, or tv shows. One that has stuck in our house is a funny way of repeating the word 'forever' - it comes from the movie "Sandlot". (great family movie!)

One of the boys repeats the word 'forever' as they zoom in on just his mouth and everything slows down

for     EH    ver

(over and over)

Consequently, you will hear us repeat     for     EH   ver    at various times whether or not it has anything to do with the movie.  and those of us 'in the know' get a kick out of it. Its a bonding thing ya know?

don't know? well, don't judge. its fun ;-)

so last night my LG said something about something never happening (never happening EVER or forever) and I changed it up and said............................

  'for NEHHH  ver'

which he of course thought was quite funny. 

And then I got to thinking - Forever and Fornever.

Are they sort of the same?  What do you think?

both are an ongoing continuum......and if something is NOT going to happen 'for EH ver' then couldn't it just be 'for NEH ver'?


And our word for the week is tortuous. 

I like it. Its fun. Almost as fun as 'for NEH ver' -- but maybe not quite.  Fornever gets extra points because its a made up word. One that can be quite useful. and one that I, for one, will probably get a lot more mileage out of than tortuous. Though tortuous gets points for just being really funny to say.


kind of like this blogpost.

but fun, right?

More doodles......the one that shall forever (ok ok ok ! for EH ver) be known as 'the one I hate'

ohhhhh, or maybe I should say:

the one that I fornever shall like.

 the one I shall fornever like spawned from this one.

see the little area that looks like vines and leaves - to the right of the heart.

that is what I used on my fornever like one, I just expanded on it, but then didn't like the way it turned out.

So I cried. But wait - did I hear you say:

"There's no crying in doodles!!"
(anyone know what movie line that was derived from? I use that one frequently changing up the last word)

I do like this part - reminds me of succulents.

Which, by the way, I would be really remiss in not saying that THAT is a fun word.



ok, I'll stop.

Maybe. No guarantees.

These two doodles actually began with such good intents too -

with a heart for VDay.

Maybe that was part of the problem - calling heart day VDay which reminds me of VD, which is just really a bad thing to even think about.

Another bad thing is doodling with pencil.

It sucks. Not succulents, just plain sucks.

So don't do it. EHver.

Say it with me now...

I will fornever use pencil to doodle.

"cuz that is what my mommy say"

(another 'in the know' phrase that I can't even BEGIN to explain - it would be a long and tortuous tale and in the end, we'd be no farther along than we are right now so I'll just end it there.