Friday, February 04, 2011

My kind of party

My brother just had a birthday.

Actually his birthday was mid-December but we just celebrated it recently.

His birthday always seems to get pushed aside in the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

But we did finally have an evening where we could all get together.

We had a very fine meal...

followed by dessert and coffee


and a rousing good game of blink.

BLINK is a fast paced card game where you match either color, shape, or number.....

I'm so slow I sat this night out.

Daughter always wins.

Darn those young people with their good reflexes!!

LG comes in second.....

and, well, that leaves GeGe bringing up the rear.

And what was birthday boy doing during the exciting shenanigans?

What every good school teacher does in their 'spare time'


Spread out on the living room floor, grading papers or planning classes or some such thing.

I know one thing - a teachers' work is NEVER done.

Be good to your teachers - they deserve it!

They nurture those that are most important to us.

Like my LG here.

(on our way to church this past Sunday)

I wuv this picture.

OK, so I love every picture of LG.

What can I say?

I'm smitten.

Know what he told me this morning when he hopped in bed with me for a quick hug?

He told me he was glad he wasn't a snowman.

Know why?

Cuz I'm so hot I'd melt him. hahahahahaha.

The other day he told me that I was the center of his innermost joy. (I kid you not)

Then he told me that he told his sissy that too.

He quickly corrected himself by saying that I was the centerEST of his innermost joy.

He's smart that one.