Friday, February 18, 2011

hills and valleys

Life is full of ups and downs

peaks and valleys

hills we walk up and then run down

we often traverse tortuous paths

before getting where we want to be

we cross paths at times and other times must walk alone

what began for me as an
experiment of one thing

has turned into something else

maybe not turned into as in changed, but grown

an idea grew and expanded and I followed the path..........

and as I traveled down the path
and explored

it began to resemble the hills and valleys

and paths we tread

and so I kept exploring

enjoying the journey

getting lost in the process

 and loving the textures

loving them so much in fact
that by the time I got to this one (#4)....

 I began exploring the backs

and thinking about the lives we live out in the open
and then the other lives we have.....

private moments
or the times in life when we must
journey alone

I am interested in seeing where this part of my journey takes me

As I continue exploring this style/technique

and thinking about the intersection of art and life

and the stories we tell

how we think about life

how we tell our stories

both to ourselves

and the outside world.

I appreciate the interest and support in and of this
part of my journey.

People seem to have strong reactions to this series of pieces, in different directions (which is A-ok with me!).

I enjoy hearing it all and I am happy that you read and comment and so are a part of this journey with me.......actually, I think I see your path in there too....just over to the one side, intersecting with mine.

Maybe our blogs are like that too - points of intersection.....I like that. :)

However you view it - I'm so glad you are here!