Thursday, February 17, 2011

Total Randomness (just go with it)

I was wondering this morning how many people peel their celery.

Like I am sure a lot of folks peel their carrots but what about your celery?

Are you a celery peeler or no?

I never used to peel celery until the last couple of months when I noticed that the celery seems to be on steroids and the strings are like Governor Arnolds ripped...umm, well, never mind. Anyway, these strings are STRONG.

And I can't slice my celery without long strings keeping them all hooked together like a little choo-choo train.

And that is just totally unappealing.

I mean YUK.

Super yuk.

So now, in addition to being a lot of other things, I'm also a celery peeler.

I did mention that this was totally random, right?

ok, not so random. I mentioned before zentangles.  Same caveat - I don't really know what they are like, I've never done them, but I gather there are some instructions and maybe even some templates to follow......BUT, while I don't know much about them, I do know some people who have used them. I wandered onto my long lost buddy's blog the other day to find she is zentangling-doodling-somethinging. And she's got mad skills.



My doodles will forever (for EH ver) be mere child's play compared to that.

now that is some dang doodling!