Monday, February 21, 2011

RAW Inspiration

Many of you know that I joined the Ring A Week challenge - or RAW. The idea (not mine) spawned from the Ring A Day (RAD) challenge which ended on December 31, 2010.

When  RAD began back in early 2010, I gave some serious consideration to participating.

I thought about it really hard for oooh, all of about a split second ~ before I decided that there was just no way this side of heaven I'd be able to do a ring a day.

Hey, it was a SERIOUS split second.

About the most serious split second I've ever had.

OK, maybe not really.

But I did really think about it and I really would have liked to be able to do it, but I just couldn't.

I spent the year watching from the sidelines......following along...eyes fixed on the action...keeping special watch on some of my favorites.....ya know almost kind of like a peeping tom stalker dude, but not in a bad creepy way.

but yeah....I watched in amazement and sometimes amusement......and I was totally inspired.

And then, be still my heart, there came RAW.

A fraction of the commitment.

My stalking days were over. (well, maybe not quite - there are WELL over 200 artists participating in RAW 2011. . . I've been able to keep watch on some of my old loves and I've discovered some new (to me) talents)

In part I was inspired to join RAW due to stalking RAD.

The other reason I decided to join was in hopes of pushing myself to get back into creating regularly. YAY! this has worked.

I was also looking for the feedback etc that comes with being part of a group effort.

So far I am really enjoying RAW !

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