Thursday, February 24, 2011

More lovely stones....

I have had to take a break from my new adventures in stone cutting/cabbing.


First, my "cutting table" was overtaken by the family for holiday endeavors. What once held my big cabbing machine became the home of boxes and bows and ribbon and tape. My poor Genie was pushed off into the corner to collect dust.

Second, I haven't been able to cut my little slabettes into cabbing size. This because the trim saw attachment that I bought used just wasn't working. And still isn't working (see note below)

Well, now that the holidays are far behind us, I finally pulled the Genie back out into the center of the table. muwaaahahahaha (maniacal laughter) And, because I REALLY wantedto cut or at least cab last night. . . and needing to cut prior to cabbing.....I resorted to the drop method.

I selected a couple of little slabettes.

Held them high over a concrete floor.

and dropped them.

(this is where it would be great to have a photo to insert - of my floor - with shards of rock all over the place. why did this look so much cleaner when it was done on someone elses basement floor?)

That worked for a couple of stones, then I had to take the hammer to the willow creek jasper and one other.Who knew they were so hard???

And then finally I could get turn on my lovely genie and get to grinding/polishing.

By that time though it was getting late, so I only ran through the first two wheels to get a beginning shape.

Here is what I have so far.


and they aren't even done!!!

I can not WAIT to get my new saw so that I can go to town on the rest of the sexy slabettes that I have waiting.

I can see myself QUICKLY having a vast surplus of cabs since I already have a rather respectable stone collection now.

I may have to divest of some stones at some point.

Anyone want to buy some stones?

Because I spent so much time fiddling with that blasted saw, and then dropping, dopping, and roughing these out, I didn't actually get to make any jewelry last night.

It was a little after 10pm when I trudged up the stairs wet and cold from my stone play. (no heat in the basement) So I settled in and watched The Good Wife with my Mom. We really like the show - anyone else watch?

(note: [For whatever reason, I can not get the saw fitted properly. The sawblade hits the slot in the tray and won't turn. I did have a chat with Diamond Pacific (they were great) a while back, as well as the person who sold me the saw attachment (who has also been great) and both suggested a washer inserted on the spindle. Now that the table is cleared off, I tried that last night. No go. YES, the saw now fits within the slot - yippyskippy! but the cover wont' fit over the contraption because it sticks out to far right. I did manage to force the cover on but the end of the spindle rubs really hard, burning plastic and creating a not so pleasant aroma (when added to the super glue and zip kicker was just really ugh). so I purchased a brand new attachment that should arrive in a week or ten days or so]