Monday, February 28, 2011

Who knew?

Who knew that even seriously considering moving would stir up such emotions, and deep thoughts, and confusion, and worry, and excitement,  and fear, and anticipation, and dread, and up and down and back and forth and in and out....


Yea, its like that.

In my head anyway.

On the outside I am calm, cool, and collected.

Or so I like to tell myself.


The weekend was a whirlwind of sorts.

Starting Friday evening with my little demo at ACC.


WOW. It was A. maze. ing.

I don't mean my demo. (I am a little more humble than that!) I mean the TALENT! The sheer number of exhibitors and the TALENT. And the ART. The gorgeous, not on this salary, art -

a. maze. ing.

I will come back and highlight some of my favorites over the next few days but for now let me name a few who had fabulous fresh work and some of whom took the time to chat with me for quite a while - these artists are some of THE best!

Namu Cho
Michele Friedman
Gerald Patterson (the website does NOT do his work justice)
Jeremy Newman and Allison Ciancibelli
Robert Crecilius
Laurie Fowler and Bill Thelen

There are more, but I'll have to come back later with more names and some thoughts on the demo and overall experience.!

Happy Monday!