Thursday, February 03, 2011

What was I thinking?

Well gee, I'm not sure.

As per usual my thoughts were most likely going in a hundred different directions. full of a mix of wildly sporadic and strange thoughts.

All zipping along at an alarming speed.

Probably something like this..............

What is my son doing upstairs? (ahh, trombone, definitely trombone) Is it going to snow tonight? Will school be delayed? Where's the tap and die set? darn this wire does not fit this tube. What will I wear tomorrow? Do I have clean underwear? need to turn the music up.  Have the dogs been out to pee since they ate dinner? cut, file. niiiiiice. darn this wire does not fit this tube. Does my son have clean underwear? durn its cold in here.  Did I remember to mail that check? sandpaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaper. lahleelahlahlah. what would happen if I heat that wax in there? Is the laundry done? Were underwear in there? (why yes, I do have a preoccupation with clean underwear) darn this wire does not fit this tube. What is that smell? Did I forget to turn the pickle off? Did I forget to turn the pickle on?  ARGH! broken screwy thing. BAH! ok, new project.  topography. hmm, fire. note to self: crockware does not like open flame. gotta find the pitch bowl. hammer? meet metal. Phone ringing....still ringing.....would someone please answer the phone? Is LG headed up for bed yet? what time is it anyway? who is tucking him in tonight? will they check for clean underwear?

THAT is a typical Tuesday night.

'Cuz Tuesday is BENCHday.

And despite how it may appear.........benchday= hammerday= happyday=loveday=peace.
It also equaled this on this past Tuesday night

these two rings began as with a vague notion swimming around in my head regarding


the idea was to take a rectangle and form it -  adding some dimension (think mountains, hills, valleys) - and then add texture which might look like, well whatever it might look like,  fields, forests etc.

but I used scrap and so I decided to keep the general outline and just soften the edges.

this first one turned out looking like a really bad attempt at the USA.

I promise you I had no visions of the USA going in. But once done the 'close but no cigar' vision of the USA was immediately ingrained in my head.

no shaking it.

no matter how hard I try.

although my Dad's first reaction was:

its a fish.

so I dunno - maybe it's just me.

but somehow I doubt it.

then there is this one

topography #2

kind of interesting.

at least the shape doesn't evoke feelings of discomfort and make me want to go screaming from the room. ;-)

Actually, I kind of like both of them, though the first one I think I may have liked more pre-patina.

The first one has an offset shank to keep the orientation of the top of the ring nice and straight. (and it is AMAZINGLY comfortable to wear)

The second has a nice wide band that is also quite comfortable and looks quite fetching in it's pretty patina.

So no more scratching of heads - wondering what I was thinking.

Now you know.

Well sort of.