Thursday, March 03, 2011


Its March!

How can it be March already?

How can we be so close to 'springing ahead'?  (we are close to springing ahead an hour, aren't we?)

How come we change the time twice a year anyway?

why why why? (I mean, ok, I get why it started, but WHYYYYYY now? why don't we just 'set' the time and stick with it!)

How come houses cost SO freakin' much where I live?

How come the bank hasn't called me back?

Don't they want my business?

Where did my little boy go? (I was just looking at his photos hanging at my baby is gone. replaced by a little man with stinky armpits)

I have so many questions - so few answers.

*les sigh*

maybe I should go eat a cookie.

A raw cookie.

That would mean I have to make one first.

anyone seen my raw cashews?