Thursday, March 17, 2011

Boo! Baby! and a ring.

Not as in boo-hiss.....BOO! as in ACK! Scary!

No, I don't have the wrong holiday.

Yes, I know its not Halloween.

When this post posts it will be St Patty's Day.

I get it.

But since I have been somewhat quiet, I figured this post might startle you, hence the BOO!

Did I scare ya'?


Well, ok.

so what have I been so busy with?

Oh goodness -- well, first of all there is the house situation.

Most of you know that I've listed my house for sale - the whole house selling and house hunting thing is a little overwhelming. SO much to do! So many people to talk to, things to figure out, papers to sign, contracts and agreements to be made.....truly, a lot of schtuff.

On top of that, my laptop died. *sniff* *sniff*
Its at a repair place - but they want beaucoup bucks to fix it......and rather a lot just to pull the data off of it. (100 for the data) I paid for the data, but now they need an external storage 'thing' to put the data on since it exceeds their 2 DVD maximum. I did find my external storage device (yea, there's the word I was looking for) but none of the cords I have for it seem to make it work. BAH!

I also have a cold. Well, I HAD a cold which pretty much went away, now I have a raging sore throat that I had been attributing to PND, but am now wondering about things more malevolent than that - like strep. BAH!

And, on top of ALL of appears (has been discovered, determined....something) that I am to be a Grandmother.

Uh, YEA, that is what I said!!

I can not be old enough to be a grandmother.

But, on second thought - yea, wekk, ok, so I am. I had my daughter relatively young and now she is having her first relatively young.

So I'll be a grandma (or grandmother, or grammy, or something) at age 43.

My first is to be a boy.

That's Eden (apparently) (and probably tentatively - not sure how set they are on the name)

I guess it is no surprise with ALL of that going on that I haven't been at the bench much in the past couple of weeks. I need to remedy that really soon as I have my first spring show coming up and as long as I'm healthy - I plan on being there!

I've lagged behind in getting things posted to, and for, RAW - but I did snap a few photos of this unfinished ring. It really needs more clean up and a good polishing -

and then I need to determine if I want to LOS it. (I know! I know! I'm an los-aholic)

This does sparkle really nicely though -- even without being properly finished.

Between the texture and the faceted stone -- *S*P*A*R*K*L*E*!

Its a really big ring.

Like kind of enormous - not in terms of the setting, which is sweet and petite considering what I'm known to make - but the whole ring, the shank -- the metal.

Its 18 gauge sterling with the band being a little more than 3/4 inch wide.

To me, that is pretty big.

I did wear the ring for a whole day though and it wasn't uncomfortable. A little 'different' but not uncomfortable.

The one part that WAS a little uncomfortable was the stone setting itself which I soldered on a bit low and creates the pressure point for the entire ring. So I have a small circle imprinted on my finger. (well, I did - its gone now).

I am left wondering if I should remove the stone and create another setting and solder it on higher. The ring would be more comfy - but it means more work. I will probably not sell this ring as it was total exploration for me. If I wanted to sell it, I'd have to redo the setting. Maybe I'm just feeling lazy because I'm les tired due to being a little under the weather.

The ring band may also end up being filed a bit to narrow the overall width.

What do you think? 

Do you like really wide banded rings? 

How wide is your limit?