Monday, May 23, 2011

As promised

I said I'd grab some photos for you and I have.

They aren't the best mind you - still working with this set-up.

But here they are - the lovely handmade earrings from Chris Kerr

 The photos don't quite do them justice.

But at least you can see all the detailing!

They really are fabulous!

The weekend flew by as usual. Seems these days everything is zooming along. I am sure many of you can relate.

School has either wound down or is getting ready to end. For us, its sort of getting ready to end. We are extended until June 22nd due to snow days.

Yippy skippy huh?

I'm not one of those parents who dreads the summer. Maybe that is partly because I'm not home FT, but even so, I just enjoy my LG.

He's smart and funny and sometimes a bit odd.

 Or maybe, every kid, when faced with a piece of pink duct tape, automatically sticks it to their forehead.



I dunno.

He likes art and books

 and we often spend time reading together.

the other day we positioned ourselves sideways across the bead, raised the window AND the screen, and read with our feet sticking out the window.

"Why?" you may ask?


He caught me doing it and said it looked like fun.

So, ok, maybe I'm a bit strange too. Think he gets it from me?

 And just because I love these SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much