Thursday, June 02, 2011

Because I'm not quite busy enough

I offered to do a cake (and possibly some cookies) for an upcoming event at my son's school.

Not that we will be attending the event - my son has a baseball game and I have a show (Gunpowder River Artfest - at Boordy Vineyard - June 4th - mention the food in this blogpost for 20% off your purchase!) but I can never pass up a chance to volunteer - especially when it means cooking! (I so {love} to cook!)

I originally had grand ideas of a cake to rival that of Duff Goldman (Charm City Cakes, Ace of Cakes, and now Duff - whoa) but then quickly admitted that my skill level and available time simply wouldn't do, so I scaled back.

Immensely. (though I still harbor inner dreams of a wild and zany cake)

I did manage to bake the cakes the other day, in the middle of cleaning and packing, and cleaning and scrubbing so the kitchen would sparkle - yea, in the middle of all of that - I pulled out my mixer and eggs and all the other applicable cake baking tools. :)

I am going to freehand a cake made of 3 or 4 tiers, the bottom levels being regular round flat cakes (but I may cut them at an angle to do a wonky tower).

And the other levels are more rotund. I baked them in mixing bowls of two different sizes.

Normally this results in a very tall dome, but for some reason these came out a little bit 'squat'.

Still cute though - yes?


They smelled fabulous.

And the bits I cut from the bottoms to level them - yeaaaaaa, they TASTED fabulous too.

In addition to the 4 cakes I baked for the school, I also baked two tiny cakes (cakelettes?) .

See that little glass bowl far left?

I used two of those and microwaved two little cakes for the two men in my life.

Then I doused them (the cakes, not my two guys) with melted chocolate that I piped out of a sandwich bag.

A little side of cool whip.

And YUM!

Despite the mess, I'm glad to be going for it, and they are glad I went for it too. ;-)

Now I just need to ice/decorate and stack them and deliver them to the school Friday evening.

And then pack the car for my show on Saturday.

And all in between running out of the house for showings, with two chihuahuas in tow, and LG....yea, it promises to be an interesting few days coming up. :-)