Tuesday, January 03, 2012


Some people call them 'resolutions', others 'goals', and the word I hear repeatedly this year is 'intentions'.

No matter what we call them, they are all ways to declare, either publicly or privately, our desire to change something. . . to make our lives better in some way.

We have lists of things we want to do more of or less of.....habits we want to break or form....we want to take control or let go.

Some people opt for a word for the year, something to focus on (which often ends up being goal oriented anyway).

I am stepping out into scary territory for myself this year.

I am going to adopt a word, which is also a goal, an intention, and a resolution. But its a scary word for me. For someone who has spent a long time taking care of others, putting others first -

my word/goal/intention/resolution this year is:


It sounds selfish, but its not.

It sounds counter-intuitive to the Christian walk which has so much to do with service etc. but it doesn't replace that.

Its scary to me because its not something I'm accustomed to. It means I have to listen to myself and give myself the same sort of attention and consideration that I'd give to others.

It is important though because 2011 was a REALLY hard year for me. It didn't occur to me until recently that the big issues and HUGE stresses of last year actually began in March. And they continued, with new stresses being added in through the year....a few things resolved in late November/December, but many have brought a new way of life that is simply here to stay.

To begin the new year, I am cutting back drastically on commitments. This year I will NOT be 'the joiner' that I have enjoyed being in the past. I will forgo some things in an effort to listen to what "I" really need.

I believe that in doing so, not only will I benefit, others will actually benefit too.

And that is a very good thing. :)

There should be some changes coming here soon - I hope you will stick around to see how this progresses. I'm looking forward to reconnect with many of you!

If you are still reading (bless your soul!) I would love to hear your thoughts on goals, intentions, resolutions....did you make any this year? Care to share them with us?