Wednesday, August 21, 2013

We are still human.

In my neck of the woods we are preparing to head back to school. First day is MONDAY! YAY! and boooo! both at the same time! *sigh* It's always a mixed bag for me. Although the last two summers a little less so since back to school signals my boy being back home for good. YAY!

It seems everywhere I look on the 'net there are back to school lunch ideas and back to school clothes and crafts and those first day photos from some who are already back! There are also posts and memes going around encouraging kids to stand up to bullying. When someone is getting picked on, to step in, or find someone who can help. And that is great advice. But, I was thinking today about group dynamics. It's a funny thing. We all know about peer pressure and cliques in school and a pecking order.  And how HARD those years were (for many of us anyway) And we tell our kids it will get better as they get older, circles widen, people are more inclusive, and it does get better - but you know what?

It still exists in 'grown up' groups. "Adults" can be seen, far too often, picking on others, ganging up, bullying, and the group mentality isn't much different. Others are afraid to step in, administration fails to see or take action, and a crowd forms on the sidelines just watching and laughing. It's a spectator sport. And it's sad.

And I wonder, how can we sit on our high horses and implore our kids to do what we don't do ourselves? How do we teach our children to do the right thing when so many 'adults' fail to do the right thing? It really just makes me wonder.  How 'friends' just watch. . . . . .

I suspect they aren't really friends.

But they are still human - - - right?

We ARE still human.