Thursday, September 07, 2006

A challenge to myself

As mentioned, I am just really getting back to the bench. . . family issues have placed a great deal of stress on me and I just hadn't had the mental or physical energy to create, now that things are on the mend (we pray), I've taken some time to create again.

I challenged myself to set two stones - a first for me. And to continue in the freeform direction I went with the last piece. The result is this sterling pendant, crafted with two agates, sterling sheet, and sterling wire and tubing. I learned a lot while making this and it was a great experience for me that ended up rather nicely I think. :)

I am showing two pictures to show the difference between flash and nonflash photography. The color in the stones is better with flash, but flash also creates a glare on the metal which can be quite distracting.

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