Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Different directions

Seems like I'm going in all sorts of different directions lately - thats part of what I love about this artform, being able to change from one day to the next what I work on or with. I am totally driven by the creating, not by the business or selling - no fad chaser here. lol

So here is some recent work - the first three are different shots of one piece - its interchangeable in that the pieces will 'flip' on the bar from which they are suspended - allowing the wearer to display the silver on top or the patinated copper on top (the middle pic is the silver alone)
Then I have a sterling and onyx pendant, a fold formed copper, sterling fish with petrified peanut wood stone, a sterling and carnelian ring
and finally a little malachite and onyx pendant
Thanks for looking!! :)


  1. omg - such great work! I love the intense red colour on the flip side of your pendant. Fabulous idea!

  2. I love your little flip pendant!!!

    Interesting idea!


  3. I love the fish - I really like your copper work! :-)