Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tutorial Tuesday

I saw this idea somewhere else and thought it was neat AND thought it would benefit others, so I am swiping it!

So for the first Tuesday Tutorial, I'll point to my own tute - its for Tube Rivets:

Tube Rivet Tutorial

The tutorial won't show you how to make these earrings, just how to create rivets with tubing such as the tube rivet holes at the top of these earrings, where the earwires are.

Cehck back next Tuesday for another tutorial!


  1. Janice,
    You are always so gracious with your knowlege...thank you for this tutorial. and man, your nails are long! Mine look like stubby snaggles! How do you keep them so nice and make all the great pieces you do??? A mystery, for sure!

  2. Thanks Chris! {{hugs}}

    My nails grow like wildfire - I can't seem to keep them trimmed. It actually borders upon embarassing sometimes. They get entirely TOO long.