Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tutorial Tuesday!

The tutorial topic for this Tuesday is....


(please click photos for a larger image)

One of my favorite techniques even though I often find it very challenging to turn the pieces into actually jewelry is fold forming. (any tips for finished jewelry please leave a comment!). I love working with the general properties of the metal, moving the metal with a hammer, and the organic shapes that result.

Charles Lewton-Brain is the 'father' of fold forming having spent much time and effort condensing and recording the steps into reproducable results -hence a 'technique'! All of these links will point to tutorials by Charles, these are just a few.

Basic T-Fold
Boat Fold
Heistad cup (one of my faves!)

You may want to check out Charles' Fold Forming CD (no, I'm not affiliated, just a fan!)

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