Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sketching - Part II

I have learned something about my friends, my readers.

They are either CHICKEN or very proprietary in their thinking.

Not one stinkin' sketch book page ???? Come on you all!

Anyway, as promised, here are some of my pages. The first page has the sketches that are reminiscent of the cloud I saw driving home the other evening.

The "clouds" are the four sketches that vaguely resemble one another, which I added on to with a pendant or pin in mind. (pay no attention to the 'thing' in the middle which I have been told by my dear friend has a 'breasty' appearance - maybe we're both twisted.)

I have begun a piece loosely based on these sketches, but not exactly like any one of them. I will probably go back to the bench though and create one or two that pretty closely resemble a couple of these.

Another page:

You can probably see that I repeat shapes, or ideas, varying them little by little to see what comes of it. I also seem to have certain shapes or 'lines' that I come back to over and over and over when I sketch.

Sometimes I doodle aimlessly, shapes and lines that make no sense and sometimes I draw with 'jewelry' in mind. I gain ideas from both.

And one more pic just for fun. :) A collage of pages and the front of my sketchbook:

Again, if you want to share yours, leave a note in the comments. I'll compile and post soon. :)


  1. Nice sketches... I agree with the breasty appearance. I haven't had time to sketch in sooooo long- I kinda sketch in metal- I did a post a few months back of my "wax sketches" A way for me to meddle in 3D which is my bag baby.

    If I do get the urge to push some pencil- I'll definately let you know.

  2. Hey girl! I remember your wax model - think I commented - thought it was really neat. I don't sketch often, but sometimes something comes to me and if I want to remember it, I sketch. I normally sort of design at the bench...moving metal here and there around a stone. I look forward to seeing some 'sketches' from you in any form!

  3. I think you've given me inspiration for my posting today...thanks! Check out in a little bit to see (give me a while to photograph and write!)

  4. Hey Janice! I guess I'm one of the chickens! :)
    I don't sketch much, but when I do, no one but me can tell what the heck it is! LOL I wouldn't have to worry about anybody stealing my designs.