Wednesday, February 25, 2009

In cognito? and apologies!

If you thought I dropped out of sight - i.e., I was following you and then I wasn't -- its not so!! There was a weird glitch or something (OK, I probably zigged when I should have zagged) and it made all of my 'follows' go 'anonymous' - which means I was following you 'in cognito'!!! But I never stopped loving you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I apologize if I caused any confusion or hurt! I'm sorry!

I have some blogs on another reader, just because things here were getting over whelmed. I don't always comment, but I read more of you than you know. :)

And as long as I'm sort of on the subject of apologies. Wait. First - thanks Chloe for alerting me that I had gone stealth!

OK, back to explanations and apologies.

I have to give a widespread apology for errant posts, comments, or lack thereof. I admit it, I"m an overachiever and I seek to follow/read too many people and too many places and am often multi-tasking when I do it. This occassionally (maybe more than I know) causes problems as my comments are not on target, topic, or aren't always thoughtful. PLEASE know that it is never my intent to be callous or rude, but I do believe it is disrespectful to not given my whole attention to a blogpost I may be reading. So, I am avowing to read in depth prior to commenting anywhere. I will still be reading, but I won't allow my chaotic life to spill over into yours so I may be commenting a little less.

Sorry. and (((hugs)))


  1. well, that explains it! I noticed that i lost a follower but I did not pay it much mind. I saw this afternoon you showed up as a new follower and knew something wonky must have been going on!

  2. Just part of my confusing life - welcome to my world!!! ha. Actually its not usually quite this apparent that my life is somewhat chaotic, been a bad week I guess.

  3. Good job you are female and can multi-task (but I still don't know how you fit everything you do into 24 hours a day)? Whats that movie where everything else freezes but the main character is in normal time? Oh well, my brain is shot.
    My kiddies dad - he has problems watching the tv, listening to what the kiddies are saying and breathing all at the same time Men!
    Hope your week gets better and less chaotic....

  4. lol. It's always a pleasure to see you(r typing) no matter what form it may be in!

  5. Hey Ginga girl - are you talking about "Click"? I've only seen part of that - but wow, wouldn't that be cool? Freeze the world and go hang out at my bench. Sounds like a little bit of heaven. ;-)

    Katherine - its a pleasure to be seen!! Blogger is weird lately and now the 'followers' gadget is different...I don't like the look. Grrr.