Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tales from Tuesday (TFT)

I think this will be a new 'regular' blogpost here.

Now that I have Tuesdays tightly tucked away for my bench time (ahhh, alliteration - I love it! don't know why, I just do!) that means Wednesdays should be ripe with rich reports of resplendent results. (ok, I'll stop)

Here is how lovely last night was. I arrived home to find a BIG bag of chinese food sitting on the kitchen table -which was set by the we just poured drinks and dug in! YUM! After that, I helped clear the table and put away some food and then I was summarily dismissed to the basement! I was so surprised and so grateful and glad!

I wanted to work on whatever I wanted to work on, however, I've had a couple of 'promised' tutorials or 'HIDIs' pending, sooooooooo, that is what I did. I went from camera tripod to holding pliers and wire for a shot, back to the camera. Can I just say "UGH!"? NOT fulfilling. At all. But necessary I suppose.

In the midst of that I did manage to almost complete a pair of half-hoop earrings. First time I've attempted anything remotely resembling hoops. They are for my 'lines' series - like these I did not long ago. The wire is a bit more hefty, and with the tight curvature of the hoops (they are sort of small) they sawing was a bear or maybe it was holding the piece while sawing. Whatever it was, there are a few unwanted nicks here and there. I hit them with sandpaper and then ran a buff with ZAM over them just to get an idea of whether or not they were 'clean' enough to procede. I think I am going to sand them some more tonight and then polish them up and then odixize them. They may not make it to sale (MINE!) but I'll have a much better idea how to proceed next time. And who knows, maybe they WILL clean up enough....

I am hoping to have pictures of the earrings tonight.
And then I really need to organize the photos for the tute. Its for a ring similar to the one at the left. But last night I used heavier gauge wire and a turquoise bead. I don't think I like the heavier gauge wire (10 ga) although it provides more space at the top to put the bead. I didn't bother cleaning up the ring and photographing the process of sanding and polishing - maybe that's a good one for a free HIDI. :)
Its mid-week - hope everyone is having a happy, SAFE (Lisa), and productive week! Only two more days and its TGIF! :)


  1. Oh, I am so looking forward to reading the "tales from tuesdays" each week!

    Any by the way, I really like your resin work - super cool!

  2. I am indeed having a safe day Janice (so far). It's wonderful that you have more time to create.

  3. I love that ring, wish I could figure out how to follow your blog...I guess I'm just not very blog-literate, lol.

  4. Both pieces are great but I love that ring...can't wait for the tutorial.

  5. oooo a designated Jewelry Night! Heaven~~~This will be fun to follow each Wednesday.

  6. Thanks Metalsgirl! I really enjoy resin and I don't know why its been so long since I've done any. Its an instant POP of color. :)

    Lisa, glad you are working SAFELY. ;-) I am constantly impressed by how much you get done. Blows me away.

    Follow - I'm on your list, so you must have figured it out! Thanks for your interest. :)

    Sassyglass- I hope to get the text finished tonight, but we have basketball so no gaurantees! But definitely by the weekend.

    Chris - isn't that awesome! I am really looking forward to having a dedicated night to work. YAY! That's not to say I won't eek out some time on other nights but knowing I have that one night is a big help to me psychologically.

  7. So happy you have more time to create. Tales from tuesdays will be interesting...I'm looking forward to it. :)