Friday, February 27, 2009



HAPPY DAY! The weekend is ALMOST here!!

Took a quick 'style' quiz but I took it more than once so it really wasn't all THAT quick.

(find it on Sprootz <- its a link Swati - click it, no need to go hunting!!),

Anywhoooooo, this is what the final test said about my choices:

50% Classic
25% Traditional Asian
25% French Eclectic

Probably about right - I'm a bit of a mixed bag in terms of personality, style, influences.

Here is what they have to say about each style category:

What's old is new again! The beauty of Classic style is how well it takes all of the beautiful forms, colors and textures of the past and reinvents them in a way that feels both fresh and inspired.

The style itself is a mix of European influences and French, English and Italian antiques and replicas are often used together. Furniture is well proportioned and comfortable and the rooms give off an air of sophistication and grace. Oil paintings depicting still-life or nature scenes and emphasizing symmetry of pairs helps maintain the traditional nature of the room. Windows are often covered with opulent fabric shades and/or drapery.

Traditional rooms give off an air of history that seems to say "I was here long before you, and will remain long after you've gone." And yet, even with this level of sophistication, the rooms are soft and inviting.

Traditional Asian
You tend to find interiors that hail eastern influences to be both comforting and exciting. Traditional Asian antiques and reproduction pieces interest you on more than a simple level. And you love the contrast between the sometimes intricate detailing of these furnishings to the simplicity of the rest of the home.

Natural materials such as bamboo, which are very prominent in so many Asian countries appeal to your senses. You find contrast very appealing and spaces that emphasize the opposites in life, the Yin & Yang, help bring you a feeling of balance and well-being. Because really, what is dark without light? What is smooth without the contrasting texture? What is hard without soft?

and finally.........

French Eclectic
Parlez-vous fran├žais? Even if the answer is no, you can confidently say your home does! French Eclectic somehow manages to be both formal and casual, classy and unassuming at the same time. You like your spaces to feel inviting from the moment you (or your guest) opens the front door and this feeling should continue even after you've entered your most formal room.

Even though there are French antiques here and gold details there, the rustic country elements provide a balance and warmth that seems to say, "come in, relax and stay a while." Your love of antiques leads you to flea markets, garage sales and hours of eBay hunting.


Another link for you today. I was tagged a while back by Katherine at KM Jewelry. The mission is this, go to the 4th picture in your picture files and post it and tell about it. (then tag 4 more, I think...double checked, yep got it right)

Sooooooo, I have two "my pictures' folders and then each of those has tons of folders inside as well as loose photos. What I decided to do was go to the 4th folder and pick the 4th picture. This is what I found:

Its my little man, maybe three years ago - middle of summer, tuckered out - fell asleep on the sofa. I couldn't resist snapping a photo of him...

its funny, looking at my files - all my pictures seem to be either jewelry, my son, or my dogs. I lead a very sheltered life. ;-)

OK, so now I have to tag 4 more. Here we go:




  1. oh, I've been tagged! You do know I'm a procrastinater? LOL!

    Loved the style test. I'm
    50% Nantucket Style
    50% Rustic Revival

  2. Yep - you're 'it'! I procrastinate too - I still have several 'tags' that I need to complete - but I don't like to post more than once a day or even once a day - I think people will get sick of me! ;-) Now I have to go look at the definitions for nantucket and rustic revival. :)

  3. I'm the same and work in my photo folders. I need to travel...

  4. ahh Deborah - day. I look forward to that time - for now its nose to the grindstone!

  5. LOL!! You made sure I don't wear my "Sherlock Holmes" garb today?

    *goes hangs Sherlock Holmes overcoat back*

    I have many folders...sorted year wise, and then monthly. My ultra organized hubby does that.

    I'll go see what is the 4th photo in my first ever folder :-).

  6. Ok, posted my 4th picture :-).

  7. 50% contemporary
    33% vintage modern
    17% traditional asian

    That was fun Janice, thanks!