Friday, March 27, 2009

The pay off

This is the payoff of my hard work. I know it may not look like much, but to me - its a beautiful sight!

I smile when I enter the space now. I am amazed at how moving some things around and getting that one shelving unit can make such a HUGE difference.

Next task is to add some lighting - will pick up some inexpensive floor lamps.

So in the above picture you can see the stump - that was a big gift from my friend Christy. YAY! I've wanted a stump for so long. And to the left of that is student desk #1 with the flat lap and trinket kil, in that desk there are enamels and gloves and some things. In the big wooden desk next to that there are some tools (for taking apart equipment) and some misc. little bins and bottles. The top of that desk hasn't been cleaned off yet. To the right of the stump, on THAT student desk is the small table top shear and insde are the stakes that go with the holder on the stump. There are also some bead storage and the wooden bin in front of that needs to be cleaned out and used or repurposed and moved. Underneat, in the green bin is my pitchbowl and extra pitch.

The shelving unit holds so much. There are bins with stones, and units with cabs, and gold leaf, and some finished jewelry, there are bead boxes and a small grinding unit, all of my wire, and just lots and lots and lots of stuff!

Just to the right of the shelving unit is the "B" tank of acetylene and then the large metal cabinet is full of junk that I haven't seen in more than 10 years. It was previously blocked in. So I need to go through those drawers and I will put some hanging files in there for business records etc.

Then to the right is my bench. The good thing is its long and its deep. The downside is that its metal. Hard to drill attachments into and also bad for hammering. Hence the wine barrel with the bench block. I turn and do my hammering there.

The bench has some small tools, a soldering station, bench pin, rolling pin, small vise and above the bench hangs my flexshaft.

Underneat are 4 or 5 rolling cart units with the rollers removed. In there are files and dapping block, and disk cutter and metal sheet, and flexshaft attachments and setting burs, and all the other burs, and ummm, sandpaper and other stuff. You get the idea. :)

Here is the bench straight on. You can see some hastily taped inspiration photos on the wall. :)

Just to the right of the bench there is a small 2 drawer filing cabinet. In there I have packaging supplies. Boxes, bags, mailers.

The one thing I think you can't see if my hammer storage. My good hammers are nestled in a drawer with snug sock caps on them. But all of my other hammers and my ring mandrel and some sanding sticks live in a little round wastebasket right in front of my wine barrel. Quick, easy, at hand.

Hope you enjoyed my little studio tour. Oh, and here's my latest addition, though this is only a piece of it - I purchased it a couple of months back and haven't yet put it together.

Do you know what it is?????

Happy Friday!



  1. I so love the organised look of all those tidy boxes. I really like the look of those two blue boxes with all the little sections.
    And nice stump!

  2. I love those thinks Vicky - the little drawers pull out so you can carry them one by one to the bench if you want. I keep them full of beads. And a few are full of different sized jumprings I've cut. :)

  3. You've done a GREAT job with your studio...I still have to do mine. BUT...what I really want to do today is rave and rave and rave about the new ring I have!! :-D I got it yesterday!!!! YAYYYYY!!!!!! The love at first sight was TRUE love, because the moment I opened the box and took one look at it, I knew it was ALL MINE! It just has that look and feel that it is ALL MINE! MADE FOR ME! :-D :-D :-D I just love love love it!! Thank you for selling it to me. And it is MUCH more beautiful in person. The photo is really nothing compared to how it really looks. I am VERY happy I bought it for myself :-D. Thank you for making was a match made in Heaven ;-).

  4. The shelves with the pull out drawers are wonderful arent they! I love mine. Your studio looks fabulous!

  5. Hi Janice, I am new to your blog, and I understand about having your space organized. I have to my office/craft room, and I can't wait for it to be done so that it can be my retreat! Great job. I am trying to guess what your latest addition is, but not quite sure. :)
    Best Wishes,

  6. Oh and the last that a hydraulic press by any chance?

  7. Nice studio, Janice. Is it in your house? So organized!

  8. Wow! What great space! And check out all those tools!

  9. Hey Swati.. I was just coming on to guess hydraulic press!! lol... I don't even do the silversmithing, I just have the memory of using one while studying motorcycle mechanics. How about it Janice... what is it?
    Congrats on all the organization. It does make a world of difference doesn't it! My turn to do it.. Ugh.

  10. Love your workshop space and your jewelry!

    I found you on cariboobutterfly's blog and wanted to say hello. I make wire-wrapped jewelry but want to learn metalsmithing at some point in the future.

    Nice to meet you!

  11. push, push, you some motivation!

    Wow, your studio has a lot of stuff! I love the stump...I want one. So, what is that big orange thing?

    Thanks for the tour! :)