Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pictures!!! and critique needed

I'm back. :)

I hope you got a kick out of the tutorials posted earlier today. I've already heard from some of you that enjoyed them - YAY!! (and yes, you CAN do it guys! but methinks it takes some practice.)

So, this weekend was a wild one - oh and did I mention HOT! Like way weird wicked hot - in the 90s. Thats the thing about the weather in MD - blink and you miss Spring. Blink twice and you miss Autumn. Thankfully though the heat was not humid - we've got a month (maybe) before it gets humid. Its the humidity that kills us. oy.

Anyway - here's Sam with his shape and race car that he made. And then a picture when I told him to act 'normal'.

Normal somehow doesn't look as fun....

This was a rectangular block of wood that he designed into the car you see below. He had heldp (help) sawing and sanding....and he mostly painted it himself. I helped him apply some tape to paint straight lines. :)

Despite the fact that the car went really fast, he didn't place - although the video my friend took says he got second in one of the earlier heats which would have actually put him 2nd or 3rd overall, but oh well, such is life - he had fun!!! And no design trophy either. Maybe next year. This was our first year, next year he will be better prepared.

And now for something REALLY different - for me at least. I am working on an entire necklace. Yep- not just a pendant. AND, not only that, but its WAY out of my normal box/comfort zone/etc. I have been inspired by a few artists that I admire and sooo, here is what I have so far.

There is some pre-fab chain (EGADS! lol) and some handmade links, and some.....wait...you're not gonna believe this.....

I used some.....


Yep. Beads. The things that freak me out and cause me quite a bit of confusion - I just never know what to put with what and stare for hours. Truly. It has taken me like 3 nights just to get this far on this thing.....so, what do you think?

I need honest critique.

And actually, it doesn't look exactly like this anymore. I removed the three hammered open links on the left and made them heavier weight and used two and then a bit of chain and then a third one higher up and then some small beaded wrapped links. WIll grab a photo tonight.

But what do you think so far? Keep going? Scrap it?


  1. Oooh keep going - definately!
    I love adding beads to my pieces that can really lift a whole design (or totally destroy it lol).
    Yours looks like a fabulous combo

    Get it finished, we need more pics already ;)
    Love & Light
    Nic xx

  2. I love it - the chain (nothing worng with pre-fab! I love the Thai Hill Tribes Fair Trade stuff) and beads and handmade links all go together and really compliment that gorgeous pendant.

    And I think alot of people like to buy a 'finished' necklace - ie. a pendant on something that they can wear immediately.

    I love this - the individual componenets of the chain/beads/links all go together and it looks fab!

  3. The necklace is stunning! I love it....lots!!! You're doing such a beautiful job with the beads. You make stepping out of your comfort zone look easy.

    Can't wait to see it finished. :)

  4. Keep going..it looks great.

  5. Your son is so handsome and what a terrific car! I think the necklace is brilliantly made. The color combo is not my favorite.