Friday, April 03, 2009

So sore

Wow, I am so sore.

I have begun the 100 pushups challenge. OY.

So sore.

Hmmm, did I already say that? I think its going to be my mantra today.

I first saw the challenge some months ago and thought it was neat. I've been slowly trying to get back in shape, eat healthier, lose some weight etc. Due to our ongoing family issues, I have not been consistent - about 2 years ago we made some great changes and then when things went to hell in a handbasket again we sort of fell off the fitness wagon. Now tha Candace reminded me of the 100 pushups, and she is doing it, I thought I'd give it another go. So, the other day I did my 'initial test'. I got on the floor, on my toes, lowered myself down - and thats where I stayed. When I finally finished laughing, I got on my knees and tried again. Better, but not by too much. I did 4. Lame. But it is what it is. The one thing I hadn't yet done was to go back to the 100 push-ups challenge website and re-read and print out the material. Sooooooooo, last night I did more push-ups. SEVEN! this time. (yay)

But oh.



I am feeling it today. I'm actually not sure its solely the push-ups, I may have slept funny too because its not just my arms that are sore, its my right shoulder too. I finally went back on the website today, printed everything off, noted the 'rest a day in between', took some tylenol, and am now hard at work. Well, ok, I'm on a breakfast break. But I will be hard at work again in a few moments.

On to jewelry ---- After moving furniture etc in my studio the other day, I have found that I was able to ferret out a small area to leave my photo set up, well, set up. :) It required I move my Sparkie, which I RARELY use anyway, and now my set up is sitting right there ready at any time.
I have had some decent luck with photos lately, but was still not 100% satisfied, so I have been trying various backgrounds. I think I finally have one I am happy with. Here are some photos of some of my older stuff, redone with the new background. I thought the green might thow things off, but I think it actually sets off the silver nicely.
And old sterling and carnelian pendant. Thrown on leather for a photo opp.

Wirewrap earrings from hmmmm, around 2006 I think. They are simple but really really easy to wear, they are casual and go with SO much!

OK, these earrings are fairly new - they were done a few months ago to go with my 'lines' series. :)

This pendant was done at least 6 mos ago and I was so unhappy with it I threw it into a box. There it has stayed ever since. My biggest remaining issue with it is the bezel on the carnelian -- it was way too high and I had futzed with this darn thing long enough so I left it and tossed it aside. I may go back and shave the top of the bezel off and re-burnish it over the stone. We shall see.

I guess thats it for right now.

I have a huge workload right now - truly unreal, so bfast is over - yogurt with Go Lean Crunch sprinkled in...mmmmm, so good. And so good for me I think!



  1. Janice,
    Your jewelry is beautiful and I think the photos look quite nice with the backround and lighting.

    A word about push-ups; my physical therapist once told me that no one should ever do push ups, because 99% of people do them incorrectly and doing them even slightly incorrectly can lead to serious shoulder problems.

  2. I finally can comment on your blog again! I've been having problems with comments on a lot of blogs. :(
    CRAP! I guess I need to start exercising, since everybody's talking about it, and metalsmithing is NOT good exercise! I did your pushup challenge and surprised myself with 15, on my toes! But I've always been pretty muscular and strong, there's just an extra layer of fat over everything now. LOL
    I love those wire wrapped earrings!

  3. I quite like the way the bezel is too high on the Carnelian ~ looks like rays of the sun...
    How about putting it on Etsy with a fancy "Sun God" title ;)
    Nic x

  4. Yay for you! I so happy to hear you're doing the push ups. My arms were super sore after the first day, but by the end of the week I wasn't feeling it as much.

    Your stuff is always lovely. I was thinking about changing my background too. They seem too dark. Do you think it's to dark too? I thought maybe something brighter and clean for the Spring and Summer would be nice to's just a pain to make new photos for everything, so I'm not sure how fast I'll get to that.

  5. Yucky on the pushups, but beautiful jewelry.


  6. You go, you crazy girl! I would be in bed for a few days if I attempted push ups!

    Love the jewelry, especially the "old" earrings :)