Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Follow up - photos

As promised. :)

Anticlastic Cuff - Sterling

I'm having trouble with the sizing on this. Its hard to get on, and then it doesn't stay on - at least not when I shake my arm around like I'm in a blender. Maybe thats being too rough on it? It slowly turns and then could potentially come off....

I was trying to retake a few pictures so they show a bit better, this is the only one I uploaded last night.

This is the ring I made a couple weeks back - a pale jade stone in sterling. Size 6 3/4

and then a new ring - a little turquoise beauty.

Size 6 3/4 and will go on Etsy later today.

Going back to my 3 Rs - here is another redo:


and after:

I miss the punch of orange, but it never would have seen the light of day with that nasty looking bezel, so I cut it off and folded the side down, so I could keep the 14k gold.

It doesn't have the same "pop" that the before had but its definitely presentable now.

I don't know what's going on with the photos either. I must have altered the lighting or something. I am now back to editing more and the background isn't the same green that I had when I first began using it. So I need to fiddle with that and take really good notes so I can reproduce consistent pictures.

Thanks for all the messages re: our little doggy and other things - I appreciate you all - but especially when you take the time out of your busy schedules to drop me a comment or email. ((hugs))


  1. Good save on the pendant with the orange nasty bezel. While it may lack the same punch, it's a bery pretty design, it will find a home. Gotta say I'm envious of your anticlastic tools! I want some! :)

  2. I liked the original but I really like the more streamlined new version.

  3. Love your Jade ring! Everything is neat, but this has to be my favorite in this lot. I love the fact that you make the most unusual shapes in your rings.

  4. Nice save on the pendant! I looks great.
    The rings are awesome too!
    Maybe you could add a chain and clasp to the bracelet, just for security.


    Barrie - the anticlast tools are just a hammer and a delrin stake - you can make the stake from delrin or even a hard wood.