Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Fave - but of course....

.................its my press!

I don't have a picture of it - or any new pics of the forms I've made so far, but when thinking of what to post today, I just kept coming back to this.

My great, big, new orange friend. My press.

There was a partial pic of it in my blog a while it is - resting up against the wall. Its really quite tall - its a full scale press, not a tabletop it stands on the floor and is at least as tall as I am, maybe taller.

Here is another shot of the first form I did - which has been dubbed 'warts' by a friend on the forum. I like to think of that as 'affectionately' dubbed warts....but I can't be sure. I liked the name though. :)

YAY! Pretty! (if I do say so myself!)

I am looking forward to playing with it this weekend but I am not certain I'll have much opportunity - we start tonight with our mad dash of a weekend. Swim team party tonight from 6-8pm, then a birthday party at Splash Down 7-9pm, then we have to BE at the swim meet tomorrow morning at 7:15am. YIKES! After that its back home to clean and prepare for my little guy's birthday party sleep-over. Even though we're keeping it really low key, there is still a lot to do. I have to clean the house and make decorate the cake and just generally get organized. Last night I was up until midnight - I baked the cake and then got together the gift for his teacher (last day of school is today). I originally had wanted to make her a bracelet - and let little guy do some hammering on it - but we ran out of time, so whilst I was birthday shopping last night I picked up a LOVELY scented candle and a little 'brag book' - the brag book I filled with various things last night - quotes on teaching and teachers, a couple of summer recipes, a photo of little guy, and he drew her a picture on an index card and also wrote her a note on another -- so the book is filled with fun stuff and she can leave it like that or empty it and use it for photos or whatever. It came together nicely. :)

After I finished everything last night I chilled for a few minutes in front of the boobtube. I was channel surfing and came across a cool program - Tribal something - I think it was called. The episode last night was on the Zo'e Tribe....VERY interesting. One of the few societies I've seen where the WIVES take more than one spouse. The man to the left has a wooden deocrative 'spear' through his lower lip/chin. Its made of soft wood and they start with a thin one around age 9 or so and they increase the size as they grow older. The intersting thing is that although this is a somewhat common practice for tribes in this region, in the Zo'e tribe, both men and women wear this decoration, whereas in other tribes it is only the male gender who sports this. I SO wanted to watch the entire program, I am fascinated by cultures and sociology - but it was late - so at midnight I drug myself off to bed. Then proceeded to finish a book I've been reading....."Deceived" by James Scott Bell. Its the first of his books that I've read. It was good - light, easy read - perfect for summer.
I slept like a ROCK. I managed to pick up TWO stock bottles of benadryl while I was doing all that party shopping last night. So I had those on board when I settled in to finish up the book. I am actually a really good sleeper, but I had some troubles a few years back with a skin problem - and began using benadryl to help with itching -- and also there was some turmoil in the house at the time - so both of those and I started the benadryl and now I have a hard time sleeping without it. I think I am going to taper off to one a night and see how that goes and then maybe go to every other night etc til I'm not using them anymore. I can sleep fine during the day - I LOVE to nap. That's another 'fave'...naps. I LOVE naps. I think there will be naptime in heaven - not because we need to sleep, but just because its so delicious. :)
Later taters!

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