Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lavish Sprouts

Two for one!

Lavish is our word for the week, which my son picked out of the box. And Sprouts are what I've got growing as of yesterday!

I purcahsed a large bag of dry green mung beans from the asian market recently with the express idea of seeing if I could sprout some. Day before yesterday I placed some in a bell jar and covered them with water and left them to soak. About 24 hours later I drained them, rinsed them, and tilted the jar to its side and let them sit for about 8 hours.
When I arrived home from work - I had sprouts! I rinsed and drained them again and then this morning snapped a couple of quick photos.

Now someone did mention that sometimes they will 'root' rather than 'sprout' and I'm not entirely sure how to know the difference, but these look pretty much just like bean sprouts that I buy in the store, only these are teeny tiny babies. I will allow them to grow today and MAYBE tomorrow, but not too long as I've been told they can get bitter after a couple of days.

Then its in a salad or veggy mix for lunch or dinner.

Tonight is bench night and I'm really looking forward to it. I had some requests from the show I did on Sep. 12th and I want to be sure to get to those. I also have a tutorial (2 actually) that I MUST get done. So I have a very ambitious agenda for tonight. . . . I think I need a list to hang at my bench.

Ahhh, my bench, my REAL bench.

I'm in luv.

The working area of my studio now just seems to flow. That makes me happy. :) Happy is good.

With the addition of just that one small bench it all seems to work so much better now. My working area is rather like a 'u' shape now. I can pivot in my chair and connect with whatever portion/station that I need. (except polishing which is on another table). I'll try to remember to snap some photos tonight.

Happy Tuesday all!



  1. Ya know? I've never had a bean sprout. Wierd, I know! So I can't say much about that except, I hope it all turns out good in your meals! I can also say that I am currently working on my craft area, and I wish it would be done already. I think I need to rearrange it yet again, but with how small my room is, I don't know if I can. I guess we'll see! Thanks for sharing!


  2. :-) I am sure a LOT of people have never had bean sprouts. I used to buy then on occassion but they go bad SO fast. Now I can sprout some whenever I want! YAY!

    I hope you post pics of your craft area on your blog when you get it done. :-) I love seeing others spaces.