Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A mad dash into September

It has been a crazy couple of weeks. I haven't posted to the blog since the 3rd!


It almost feels as if I dropped off the face of the internet. Almost. I've been on, just not blogging.

I went out of town for a couple of days - up to the MD/PA line - and back and forth from PA to MD to PA to MD while visiting my brand spankin' new baby cousin! Wyatt made his grand entrance into the world at the end of August and Marci and Don opened up their home on September 5th to celebrate!

Little Wyatt is A.Maz.ING.


I am greatly anticipating watching this little guy grow. :)

We stayed in a little hotel just on the MD side of the line and enjoyed some hiking and swimming and had a really good time as you can see.

We took out a rowboat. That's HARD WORK! Who knew?

Not me. But it was fun.

We only had enough time for a VERY SHORT hike, but enjoyed messing around as usual. ;-)

Here is Sam flexing some super muscles.

Poor tree. ;-)

Then I had a whirlwind of a time getting ready for my first ever show.

Yea, I know, I'm slow.

Its been a very long journey. But its been fun! I really really enjoy metalsmithing and I don't ever want to lost that joy.

However, when I heard (on Twitter of all places) about a new market taking place in September, I decided to check it out. The price was super low since its brand new I guess. And it was close to home so I decided to go for it.

Here is a pic of my tiny table.

Next came the hard part - cleaning all of my work and making new pieces to fill a booth! As it turned out I only took one table and I ended up with a nice amount to fill it.
A BUNCH of bangles and cuffs. I love love love how these turned out! They are weighty (most of them except the 'skinny bangles'...) and feel GREAT on.

I like that they can have phrases, meaningful to the wearer.

I also love that I can use all different kinds of textures.

Unfortunately they are kind of dirty in these photos. Consequence of handling them and packing and unpacking (photos taken after the show).

Next we have some earrings....

all metal and again all textured and stamped.

These are similar to a pair I made not long ago - I made a couple pairs for the show

Simple hammered hoops. :)

My favorite pair found a new home and I will need to make more of those. I want a pair and I think someone else wanted a pair. I can't wait to make those!

Then I just had to make something for myself. So I made this little tension set ring - sterling and amethyst. :)

I have worn it ever since.

So that has been my two weeks. I am just now getting back to 'normal'. As normal as things can get around here. LG started third grade and so we are adjusting to all the new schedules and responsibilities. He is growing up so fast. Where does the time go???? Tonight is back to school night, so I really must run.

Oh and if anyone knows of a supplier for small shamrock charms, an aquaintance is making bracelets for a charity fund raiser, strung beads, etc and needs shamrock charms - small - about 8mm. I told her I'd ask around. So if you know of a place, let me know please!

Have a great day all!



  1. Wow you've been busy! I love those skinny bangles and thats such a cool photo of them. Really prof!
    I love all your textures - really funky and your tension set ring is AMAZING Janice.
    Its so easy to forget how small babies are when they first arrive - really cute!

  2. Hey Vicky!! Thanks! I took a day off from work to make work so I'd have something to put on my table. :) It was a fun day.

  3. Hi Janice~
    nice to hear from you! How did you do at your show? was it worth it? just wondering, I eventually will be doing shows also. I liked your table and all your pretty silver!! :)

  4. Heya Sherice!! the show went well. I didn't have high expectations..I just went for the experience of it. I was pleased with my sales. Not anything to rave about, but it was enough to act as positive feedback. Especially with the economy the way it is and all. I shared more over on the forum. And will add more over there tonight - I've been jotting down notes and thoughts about what to do differently etc.

  5. Welcome back Janice! Congratulations on your first show.