Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Retreat (obscenely image heavy)

JAR 2009:

It went off without a hitch - we had a GREAT week! YAY!!!!

I am already planning for next year - and thinking about tiny ways to make it even better! We had 10 people and it was PERFECT. One change for next year is that I am thinking we will cap at 10 rather than 13. It provides a little more breathing room and allows us all to set up in the garage.

Its great to all be in one room and just feed off each other. You get to hear all this hammering and flexshafts whirring, and sawing, and lots of talking and laughing and we can't forget the music on the ipods. And all the materials - metal and rocks......great stuff.

Good times. For sure. :)

And the view.........its lovely, isn't it?

Now for some down to business photos:

And then some pics of a few things I made while there:

This is a rather large pendant - turquoise, aquamarine, citrine, and onyx. . . I completely chased the background, intending to LOS it, but just haven't gotten there yet. The entire piece has a lot of different texturing. It has been a royal pain to try to get a decent photo of this - its much prettier in person.

I luv it.

This is a ring someone there showed us how to do Christy? Saree?...mmm, Saree I think. She had found a similar one in a book or magazine and a few girls made them. Mine is a bit different than theirs but they were all really neat. This is the most comfortable ring! It began as 10 ga sterling wire - I forged it down a bit, stamped, formed, LOS'd. After I got to looking at it - it began reminding me of our life's journeys - so that is what it is - a Journeys Ring. I will be making more of these.

This one is up on Esty.

This is one of my favorites.

A flashy little ring (comparitively speaking) featuring a little garnet and custom cut jasper.

This ring is a direct reflection of creating on the lake - as it reminds me of the meandering shoreline of the lake we were on.

Available on Etsy.

LOVE this ring too! lol This features a very large red ocean jasper stone that is cut with generously sloping sides which allowed me to keep the bezel really low and still provide for a good secure setting. This stone is highly polished, as is the setting - the whole thing just glows and its super comfortable to wear!

This next one is totally NOT me, but it was a GREAT experience to make. The little prong settings are pre-fab, not something I usually do, but they came to me in a studio buy-out, so I'm using them! The ring has a handcrafted scroll base and then features a large blush topaz and 5 3mm amethysts. Totally bubble gum, candy, sugary sweet. Not me.........and yet, this ring has really grown on me - its just so PRETTY!

Finally a little pendant - for practice. I was supposed to demo bead setting but never got around to it. This was my little practice piece to ensure my gravers were sharp and that I could still raise a bead! I then went round and round with a milligrain wheel a couple of days later, just for fun.

Other stuff:
H1N1 has arrived at our houe. Its thrown quite a wrench into our lives this week. LG has had a temperature ranging from 99-103.8 for most of the week but he is FINALLY fever free today Strike that - phone just rang - temp is back up to 101.3. Hopefully that will continue and he will begin to feel better each day. Unfortunately others are not recovering quite as well. A young man in our are just lost his life from H1N1 and complications - he was just 18.

There have been other deaths in our area. Its almost mind boggling to me. I tend to think that w can 'fix' or sustain or work around most 'common' illnesses - flu, colds, sore throats, that sort of thing. To know that someone can be 'healthy' and then in a relatively short period of time be gone......sort of unreal.

There is a very real possibility that someone you know will end up with H1N1, in fact it is more than possible - it is probable - at least here in the states.

So watch for symptoms, stay healthy, and get treatment if you begin to show any signs of flu-like symptoms.

PSA done. :)
Take care


  1. Hey Janice - wow you girls had a blast! Nice work.

    Hope LG gets better soon. My nextdoor neighbours have swine flu and their little boy is less than a year old. Seems to have been downgraded here as not much to worry about - not like when it first arrived.

    Just be vigilent - seems to be more harmful to the youngsters.
    Try get some rest - and some help if you need to grab some sleep. Is he on antibiotics?
    V x

  2. I had to go and miss this one...but I am glad you all had a great time...I hope I'm on the list for next year!

    Hope the little guy recovers quickly and the rest of you stay well.

  3. The lines to get the vaccine here are long...a couple of hours to wait! We are in a college town, so we have a lot of people traveling in and out, increasing exposure issues.

    Thinking of you and your little guy! I hope he feels better soon.