Thursday, October 08, 2009

Some people never learn

Have you noticed? Have you heard?

Some people just never learn.

Sad, but true. They will repeat the same mistakes, fall into the same patterns, ways of thinking and living.......

I am sometimes one of those people. I never have quite learned how to slow down....never seem to learn.....well..........probably a lot of things. And I'm not going to list them all!

However, truth is though - I HAVE learned a WHOLE lot in my life. I've learned when to shut up, how to keep my nose out of others business, how to take advice, how to listen. I've learned when to borrow and whan not to. One thing I've borrowed is a motto - "If they didn't say it to me, they didn't say it". Love that one. Great little lesson there.

And, the cool thing is - I am still learning. Hope to always be learning. God is still working on me. I don't believe God gives up, I believe its a constant process - and I do NOT believe that is an excuse for repeat offenses, it is more a recognition that I'm capable of mistakes and I am capable of growth.

Anyway, I didn't really mean to go into all that - this was supposed to be about slowing down! And the fact that I haven't learned how to do it! But I think I am learning that this doesn't have to be a bad thing. Some people actually thrive when they have a lot of irons in the fire. Others thrive on drama - not me. I stay as 'drama-free' as I can be. (remember? If they didn't say it to me then they didn't say it. LOVE that!)

I've said before that life is busy. Yea - lots of us are busy. Busy can be good.

I have recently committed to the following:

MGM - I'm the new treasurer! I decided it was time to be more involved with the Metals Guild of Maryland. We had our first board meeting last night and it was really interesting. I am going to enjoy getting to know these people - and the larger MGM community.

MAG - a Metals Team on Etsy.

I'm helping set up the team and facilitate the blog.

I am super excited about this as I think its going to be an incredibly dynamic team!

BEST - Baltimore Etsy Street Team. Yes, another Etsy Team. I'm a 'general member' - but plan on being visible and involved! I think its great to be involved in a craft specific team but also a local team. BEST really seems to be one of the best teams on etsy, that I have seen! They are super active and have a real presence on the net and around Baltimore. SO looking forward to getting to know these team members.

WOW! Right?

Things are about to get even MORE interesting around here. I am really impressed with everyone involved with each of these endeavors - there are SO many talented people out there who really want to work towards something positive. And I'm all about being positive.

That is something else I've learned I guess. To be positive, look at the bright side, take the bad with the good - there is always some good. . . . hence my chosen business name.

Besides, I believe in a certain 'karma' -- what goes around comes around - I wants my comings and goings to be 'good' and 'positive' - dont' you?



  1. Great post...I wish I could learn to slow down but it's not in my nature. You are going to be one busy gal. I would love to know more about the MAG team.

  2. If they didn't say it to me, they didn't say it... I love that and it's something that I need to take to heart as well. Good luck with juggling all your new activities!

  3. One of my favorites when I worked with an Alcohol & Substance abuse group in State Prison was, Listen with your heart to everything that is said to you and if it don't apply, then let it fly. There's so much that may be said to us that really isn't our issue at all! Nice blog post!

  4. I think slowing down, or at least 'not taking on too much' is a hard thing for women in particular. We tend to be grand multi-taskers. :) Did you check out the MAG blog? Feel free to shoot me an email - janiceihg AT hotmail DOT com

    Melissa - I really really do LOVE that quote - and I totally try to live by it. I just feel like repeating what 'he said, what she said' doesn't do anyone any good - its here-say and its often missing key elements to the story. Its like that old saying there are three sides to each story - yours, mine, and the truth. The truth usually lies somewhere in between. Besides, I choose to give people the benefit of the doubt. I'm no pollyanna, but I do try to see the best in things.


  5. Hi Lori - I missed your comment - sorry! That is a great saying....if it do't apply, then let if fly.....worth remembering. Sometimes I preface things I say with " use what you can, leave what you can't " which was used a lot on a women's forum I used to be part of - sometimes people get so offended or so up in arms by what others say -- we don't have to take offense at everythig - we can glean what we can out of something and just leave the rest 'lay' - we don't have to pick it up and comment on it or use it - just leave it there.

    Thanks for commenting!

  6. Very good reality of life post.
    I don't want to slow down too much as there are lots more to do :)
    I am passing you the "Premio Meme Award" - its at my blog here -