Monday, December 07, 2009

All I want for Christmas #1

I just couldn't pass up sending a link of this to my family. I am really digging this kitchen gadget.

Not only do I still cook for my family, but I'm really beginning to get more into 'uncooking' for my raw foods.

We love pineapple at my house and they are really ripe and fresh and INEXPENSIVE at the asian market very close to me.

Watch this quick video to see it in action!

I am really stunned a bit when I think how close Christmas really is already! Time is flying by and our house is a disaster due to the renovations. Which is 'ok' on one hand, but on the other, its a bit nerve wracking. We can't find things and what we can find, we can't get to!

For instance, it snowed this weekend - where are all the snowboots? Uhhhhhhh, in a box under or behind 6 other boxes that are 'boxed in' (ha) behind the now THREE refrigerators in our garage, and the table with the microwave, and really, well, just a ton of other things. Its getting so old. Today they are supposed to bring the refrigerator from the garage, around the back of the house, up the stairs, across the deck, and in through the french doors to the kitchen. Apparently all the other doorways in the house are too narrow. Yes, the doors to the frige could be removed, but this is a precise piece of equipment and the contractor would rather not remove them in this case. Yesterday my dear dad cleared snow and ice from the deck and stairs for the workers safety - and yes, for the safety of our beloved new frige. It wasn't until rather late last evening that my dad realized that he left the rabbit out on the deck but neglected to close the little gate to the stairs and ummmmmmmm, well, now where IS that rabbit?

Thankfully rabbit has been with us MANY years and is completely, 100%, totally domesticated. Well, which is a good thing and a bad thing considering we have fox and other wildlife that would look at our snow white bunny as a very tastey meal. Anyway, we grabbed flashlights and coats and went in search of and yes, of course, bun-bun was only 15ft from the house -- sitting, staring, probably so cold he couldn't move. Not that he would anyway. Not from us, and not from Mr Fox - thankfully we found him first!

We have a busy day today, when I leave work I will rush home to take LG to his viola concert tonight. :) First year strings. Now THAT ought to be interesting!