Friday, December 04, 2009

TGIF! Hello weekend!

YAY! I am so happy it is Friday! I am sure many people are, but for me, today just feels so good! Oh so good. :)
We have cub scouts tonight and then a few things over the weekend, but not so much that it feels all 'filled up' - its rather open (relatively speaking of course!). And THAT is a great feeling.

On the kitchen reno. front: we have just received word that our stove isn't coming when we thought. or would have liked. Apparently there are 40 people on the waitlist for this stove/oven. We are number 8 on the list but I don't know what that means in terms of time. AND I keep forgetting to take a photo of our counters!! Sorry! Will do so tonight. for sure.

I think.

Well, I'll try!

I did snap some pics of a few almost done pieces.....

they need a bit of polishing and/or clean up although I may leave a couple of them sort of 'rustic'.

I like the organic look. :)

I will have them in Etsy later tonight (after CubScouts most likely)

Oh, I happened to have my camera with me today so I took a few photos of my daytime job work area......

you can see my desk and the view out of my window. I love that I have two HUGE windows.You can see the little waterfall and 'pond' (think koi size backyard pond) and garden for our patients...
you can even see a tiny me - peeking out - I'm buried which is actually about the way it is at work - buried. Under mounds of papers!!!
Now you know why I am glad that it is FRIDAY!
I actually really love my job - great place, great people, great mission. :)
Have a fabulous, joyful, relaxing weekend!
Stay tuned for more pics, Etsy listings, and a little surprise.....