Friday, May 21, 2010

About time - 'eh?

Yea, its about time I wrote something.

I have an impetus to writing today which is good because I've just not been in the mood to write. We are way crazy busy at home - some good, some not so good - such is life. But its bone-weary-tiring kind of stuff. To the core.

What got me to write today is that a friend gave me a bloggy award. YAY! :-)

I luv that about cyberspace. If you want....if you can surround yourself with great, fun, talented, encouraging, sharing, amazing people. I am VERY blessed to have those kind of friends in the cyber-world. Truth is, most often, I don't even really differentiate between the 'two worlds' - its just life. Because ya know, just as in the 3D here and now world (which can sometimes be referred to as the in-your-face-can't-get-away-even-if-I-tried-world), online there are people I am closer to than some who are just 'acquaintances', And then of course there are those I bump into on occasion that I wouldn't even really call either, but we're polite. ;-) And then you have the 'others' who I try NOT to bump into here or there because they just suck the ever lovin' life out of you.

But, back to the award. :)

It came from one of those online friends that I don't see too often these days, but I know she's there - I read her, I suspect she reads me - we chat now and then -- and its 'real'. She's sweet, kind, encouraging, and funny. She's also really talented.

She's Jen - from Little Epiphany and Pulled Sugar Designs

Isn't she pretty?? (hope she doesn't mind the photo - but hey, its on her website!! )

Visit her site.

So she gave me this award.

Its pretty too. :)

Pretty people with pretty things.....

So nice.

OK, and so apparently I am supposed to tell ya'll 7 things about myself that you don't already know. But that might be hard. I have a tendency to go on and on and ya'll probably know just about everything about me. Hmm, or seeing as how I'm a rather private person, maybe you know next to nothing about the 'real' me...but...


Numero uno: I wear socks to bed most nights, even in the summer.

#2 (yea, english is my first and only real language): (and oh crap, I just re-read the whole 7 things and Jen says its seven things NO one knows about you. umm, I have to say that THAT is not gonna happen. If NO one knows - there must be a REASON!!)

ok, back to #2: uh, can we stop at numero uno?

hmm. ok, #2: I suck at talking about myself.

oh, you already knew that you say??

does that mean that #2 doesn't count?

I'm counting it. and we're moving on.........

#3: I firmly believe in the ten second rule. Truly. I think a little dirt is good for us and too sterile an environment is scary. Now that does NOT mean I don't inspect. I do. And I discard when necessary.

#4 (oh yay!): I'm a very private person. Yes, I know I just said that up there, so maybe you've known it for like 5 seconds. And Yes, maybe you find it hard to believe as I blog, blog, blog...but really, I'm a very private person with a REALLY small circle of close friends.

#5 (we're moving right along now!): I have secret daydreams of being a big time singer. Guess they aren't so secret anymore. And its not really a big dream...just more like a little daydream when I'm rocking out on my way to work.

#6: Jack Bauer and I have a thing. Not only was this a secret to you - its a secret to him too. For now. I'm just waiting for the right moment. Like a split in the time continuum or something..mayeb a ripple in time..I could fall through a shed wall (as referenced to the children's book - The Lost Children by Carolyn Cohagen) - see #7 below)

#7: I read the same books my son reads. And while that might not be terribly surprising or weird when you understand that I do it so that I can chat with him about what he's reading, what might be weird is that I actually enjoy some of them!

WHEW! I didn't think I could come up with '7', but there you have it.

And now I have to pass this on to 7 more bloggers. Well, Jen already tagged some that I would normally tag -- so let me they are in no particular order:

Paula from bell'alimento
I 'met' her on another food site - we exchanged blog addresses...and I've been reading her ever since. She has a great food blog and hosts fun giveaways. Check it out!

Barrie - who blogs here
She may not blog consistently ;-) but she's a good read and a good friend and deserves to have some fun with an award!

Hans - no blog list would be complete without Hans. He is one of a kind. You can find him blogging here

Then there is Stevie B. - he's a total Hans in the making. He has that same razor sharp wit and is super smart and talented....and he's opening up more and more on his blog. . . so you all can see what I've seen for quite some time. He blogs, where else, but at Stevie B. Jewelry

Am I done yet?

Dang, only 4 so far. But I have to go. So I'll come back to this later tonight with the other 3. I already have one in mind so I just need to figure out the other TWO!


(edit to add - I think all you recipients are supposed to pass it along - but if won't hold it against you if you don't. But as an alternate I expect one hell of an acceptance speech/blogpost. ;-)