Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Shutting down

After the need to clarify about a hundred times, I have come to the difficult conclusion that it was necessary to shut down the last post.

I don't think I have ever removed a post from this blog...but after the comments here and on the forum and in email, it is clear to me that I didn't express myself properly or accurately or something.

And this was causing me stress.

And I'm not a big fan of stress.

Not to mention I felt like I asked for thoughts and then didn't want to hear them - which wasn't the case at all !

When people began talking about low-balling and undercutting I knew my point hadn't come across - since that is not at all what I meant.

So, rather than re-explain a hundred times over I decided to save myself the stress and remove the post.

If I want to do something nice for my customers, I will.

If I want to give away what I make, I will.

Similar to Alan Revere's Adorn America philosophy perhaps.

I've never been mainstream, probably never will be.

And with all of that in mind, I think I'll give away something right now!

Just comment here, on the blog, and then we'll work together to create a custom piece JUST FOR YOU.



And Amen.


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