Friday, October 29, 2010

Keep it or dump it?

I wanted a facelift.


Well, ok, not REALLY, but some days I think my face is falling and a little lift might not be a bad thing.

However, I settled for a little bit of redo on the blog - the banner.

That photo was taken just to see how my camera would react to the lighting in the garage on the retreat. Some work I was well, working on. . . . things in progress. . . . never meant to be seen by others in that state - all perched upon the wood Rina brought.

When I got the itch to redo the blog banner, it just seemed a nice little bench top snapshot. Capturing a moment in time, a moment in my metalsmithing journey.

And it reminds me of the retreat.

There is the small seedpod I swept up off the ground one morning when I went outside.

And a TINY little setting, looking almost like a tiny nose piercing....but its started out to be a setting for a tiny stone to be set through another stone, but it just didn't make it. :)

So what do you think? The banner is a departure from my normal mixmosh of photos containing work and me, the dogs, and the kiddos.....

Keep it or dump it?

Random Retreat photo of the day

Lisa and Linda during a casting session.

Getting advice from tiny-head-Wendy.

I'm not sure Wendy was very helpful.