Saturday, November 06, 2010


These are my first ever cabs !

I'm feeling all maternal about them. :)

They are still on their little 'dop sticks' (nails).

The bottoms need to be evened out and given a light polish and then they are ready for use!

These little slices of rock started, for me, as small slabs. 6 inches or so long...not sure how thick.

I used a trim saw (Wizard by Diamond Pacific) to cut them down to smaller sizes and then used the Genie (also Diamond Pacific) to shape and get the start of a polish.

They then went to a felt pad or buff with diamond compound or cerium oxide, depending on the stone.

This was great fun, highly addictive, and I will soon be creating more!

I have some rough chrysoprase, golden beryl, moldavite, rhodonite, biggs, and a few others....uummmm, spiderweb obsidian. (and more - argh, brain drain)

I am really looking forward to cabbing and then creating. :)

Will obviously share more when I do.

For now I'm watching and rewatching videos that I took at the Michael Boyd workshop. play, pause, play,

:) Janice