Monday, January 24, 2011

Fun, Fun, Fun

So the Ravens lost. And then to add insult to injury, the steelers won against the Jets.


AND, its Monday - although I really don't hate Monday's like a lost of people is rather cold today - and THAT is something of which I am not very fond. 

So I think we need some fun...........

I just purchased two alien/monster lampwork beads from a wonderful glass artist and friend - Sally.

You can see some of her work in her SoulSilver Etsy Shop

These two lovelies are mine:

 Meet bob - with his wiggly arms.....uhh, I think they are arms.


And his one eye....

and THREE teeth!

how perfectly cute!

then we have Norm.

With a gazillion eyes and a mouthful of teeth......

and something growing out of his head.....

antenna? ears?

I'll let you know when I figure it out.

And what is SO fun, or maybe just that THIS is what I was working on the day before I saw her new Alien/Monster beads

My own little alien monster mother ship!



I wonder, when it is finished, if more alien monsters will show up?

Maybe not until its all cleaned - it is rather a mess right now and I think not the perfect place for aliens as dear and sweet as the one's Sally is creating.

The stones aren't set yet.

And good reason - its filthy.

I need to sand and polish and set the stones

AND decide whether or not to keep the tiny headpin I made.

Its a bit wonky from the stone setting process. All the black on the stem is from the leather in the ring clamp...and its off kilter from my drilling out the seat.....

so tiny I think really needed more magnification to work on it...

but it is what it is and now I need to decide -- keep it or toss it?

What do you think?

And what kind of FUN are you spreading around on this lovely Monday?