Friday, May 04, 2012

Need Ideas?

I know where to get them. :)

I had the honor (and pleasure) of reviewing a new E-Book dedicated to helping free us all from blog writer's block!

Lori Anderson of Pretty Things
Lori Anderson, Jewelry Artist and Blogger, has released a new ebook:

Follow the Path Ideas and Inspiration for the Creative Blogger.

Subtitled –
Jump Starts ~ Visual Prompts ~  Ideas
To make your blog your own.

When I received the file, I opened it immediately because I was really excited to see what was inside.

My first impression? Wow! This is a book.

I mean, yes, I knew I was getting an book, but having never bought an e-book before I had no idea what to expect and sort of thought it might be more like a mini-book. Probably in the range of 20 pages, maybe 30 max. But no, this book is big. 59 pages big.

Follow the Path is exactly what it claims to be.  It is chock full of prompts, ideas, and inspiration.

This isn’t a how to book.

It’s a match to set you on fire - to ignite your writing.

A creatively done book for creative people, it is nicely laid out with various colors, fonts, and beautiful photos.

It drew me in from the start.

Follow the Path is loosely organized and I suggest skimming through once (I devoured it quickly while on a small break at work!) and then going back later, one page at a time, letting your mind wander with whatever sparks of ideas and personal meaning come from it.
The copy of the book I received did not have page numbers, which at first was a very minor disappointment, (I wanted to be able to refer to a certain page) but the book is so beautiful that I had already printed it! I simply grabbed my one inch stickies and went back and marked pages that had immediately got me thinking.

Although this is not a techy book  (no writing 101 or techy blog info), Lori does share ideas for how to approach the content. And, apart from the actual prompts, photos, and ideas that you can actually write about; the book has the potential to open your mind to new ways of thinking about your world, and how to turn that into content. I found that to be invaluable.

I read the book and I find myself thinking about it every day. Not just the content, the actual word prompts or ideas, but the realization that I’m thinking differently due to the book. SEEING things that I can blog about. . . .it has changed my perspective.

How cool is that!?

If nothing else, you can use the prompts and write about them. But I encourage you to get the book, and do what Lori says – use it to learn to capitalize on your own experiences. Not only will you have her HUGE number of prompts but an endless supply of your own!

Follow the Path, an E-Book by Lori Anderson
To purchase your copy of Follow the Path, go to Lori's site:

and look in the right hand sidebar.