Saturday, June 23, 2012

DIY home project

I've mentioned many times how much of a whirlwind the past year has been. Well, now that things are finally slowing down, I am turning my attention towards my house. We really haven't done much of anything to the house since painting prior to moving in.

The house doesn't have a deck or patio. Nor does it have a garage. So I am taking part of the carport and turning it into a little deck-like area. I purchased a bench a moth or two ago and then a couple of weeks ago I bought a cushion for it. A couple of side tables and an indoor outdoor rug. And it looked ok.

THEN I bought some planters and plants. And THEN I remembered I had purchased some cement stain a year ago when we were painting the inside of the house. So I whipped it out weekend before last, and in an afternoon I painted half the carport.

Now it looks like this:

Nothing great or fancy or ANYthing. But its a nice spot to sit and the difference the stain makes is AMAZING.

For reference, here is what the other side looks like......

 I am planning on painting/staining the other side but I only had one can of paint. I hope to pick up another can this week and stain the other side next weekend.

I am not sure how it will hold up. Originally I was planning on doing the resin that the sell in kits for cement, but this was here and its less expensive. If this lasts even a year I'll be happy. (so far its not scraped of chipped at all)

My neighbor came over and saw it and loved it so much she painted hers within 2 days of seeing mine! I need to get over there and see what color she used. :) 

Have any of you stained, painted, or resin'd concrete?