Friday, July 13, 2012

How bad is your tool addiction?

Like many other smiths, I am a bit of a tool freak.

I can't seem to stop looking at tools or buying them and every time a new tool comes out, I get that little rush of heat and my heart beats faster....and I WANT it.

Call it obsession, addiction, passion (I go with the latter)'s bad.

HOWEVER, I haven't bought a new tool in a long time, quite a while , months, ummm, ok, a couple of weeks. BUT IT WAS THEY WERE SMALL THINGS!

(Ha, ha, I just realized how funny that is - 'small things' - many jewelers tools are small, but that doesn't mean they aren't pricey!)

Due to a lack of funds my tool buying HAS actually really slowed down and will continue to dwindle while I work on selling off some inventory. AND as I strive to save funds for some home projects that we desperately want to get done.

But that doesn't mean I'm DEAD! It doesn't mean I can't look.

What were my most recent purchases?

A basic benchmate.

A really nice convenience. I suspect I will add to it over time.

A loupe
A new optivsor

Quick change graver handle

(and 3 new gravers to go with it)

So I wonder, what is your reaction when you find a new tool ?

  1. You patiently wait for detailed information and test reviews
  2. You hurry up and order it before it's on back-order
  3. You wait for your friend to buy it, she buys everything
  4. You figure out how to McGyver your own
  5. New tools - BAH! I just use the basics

And just to play devil's advocate - take a look at some of the latest catalog additions at:

NEW AT Rio Grande
NEW AT Contenti
NEW AT Stuller
NEW AT Esslinger