Wednesday, October 23, 2013

On the edge

Life is such a constant exercise in gaining and losing....taking in and letting go.

Reformulating, changing plans, vision, direction, circles......

At least it is for me.

Sometimes it feels like a constant "one step forward and two steps back".  But I believe it's a part of growth.

Change is inevitable. It is a constant. Some think it's the only constant. LOL. 

I'm definitely going through some changes presently. Some little and some BIG. It's always a weird place to be -- when you feel like you're standing on the precipice.....when it's ot completely a word dancing on the tip of your's coming to you but it's just out of your reach......and there are butterflies flip-flopping in your stomach as you totter on the edge of discovery.

Yea, it's like that.

Right now.