Thursday, November 14, 2013

Opening doors

Yesterday I was sharing about strength and closed doors and how we can often re-open a door. I do realize that sometimes doors get blown to bits when we close them and there's no going  back....but for the most part we can normally re-open a door. (We may not find ourselves in the same spot on the other side, but maybe that's a good thing.)

Personally I find that I have some doors that are revolving doors. I go round and round and in and out of them. Fitness is one of them - I have had periods in my life where I am on holding on tight and other times when I've been flung aside and no matter how much I want to jump back in, I just can't seem to muster the mental fortitude to make the leap. Well, the switch has flipped and I jumped on board almost 3 weeks ago.

My son is on the journey with me and it's been a lot of fun spending time with him exercising. We're using the Workout Trainer app on my phone which is great - you can select what level of workout and whether it's with weights or not, then you can schedule
them in advance and receive an alert or reminder on your phone when its time to work out. LOVE IT!

We are also walking/jogging several evenings each week. I hope soon to have him add some hand weights in to increase his muscle mass. He's pretty fit, not at ALL overweight, but he could definitely use some strength training. In addition, I found some old workout videos and DVDs! Some that I've never even this should be interesting. :)

 (see any familiar ones?) 

I wish I could find the old Jane Fonda videos..Jane Fonda workout - anyone remember? The blue metallic leotard, the legwarmers, the 80s HAIR!!  Here's a flashback. I'll leave you with that, it's time for me to see if the old Billy Blanks Tae-Bo videos still work........

wish me luck. ;-)