Sunday, January 26, 2014

People are great, so is smithing. :)

Don't ya' think?

OK, I know they aren't always. There is a lot of weird craziness out there, but there is also a lot of good in the world and people can be really great.

Everyone that has taken the  less than 3.5 minutes (on average)to answer my little blog survey - you are GREAT!!!

If you haven't taken the survey, you can do so here: It's anonymous and would really help me as I consider, not if - but HOW, to continue blogging. :)

And please know that if you haven't taken the survey yet - I'm sure you're still great.

And if you have no intention of taking the survey - well, I imagine you're pretty great too. :) I mean, it's just a survey after all!

While the responses are fairly few so far - it is interesting to look at the trends. Mostly no surprises - the majority of respondents are here for the jewelry! Most are women. :)

I really had no idea about age group - but most of the respondents are my age group or thereabouts.

And I have to say that the comments left with the survey - ICING ON THE CAKE! I mean really - I really can't tell you how much I appreciate it. I love that you are being honest - telling me what you like AND what you don't like. It's all good!!  I have never operated under the misguided notion that I can please everyone - I have always said that we shouldn't even TRY  to please everyone - its a recipe for disaster. However, its great feedback to hear the positives and the negatives from your point of view. I mean really, I wouldn't blog if there wasn't a 'you'. So while I will ultimately need to do what is best for me and my family - I totally want to take into consideration my internet friends, peers, and readers. You take the time to read - and to answer surveys! - I want to honor that.

I feel like there hasn't been a tremendous amount of jewelry blogging going on around here lately....which is a direct reflection of the fact that I haven't been making a lot of jewelry. I am working on changing that. Carving out a little more 'me' time as I get more organized around here.

I took a few hours one day last week and made a new ring - really just an experimentation. Play. To get myself back to the bench I pulled out a jewelry book and decided to mimic a design technique - stamping. So I stamped a band with a 'v' design stamp, then added dots. Then I decided I wanted to mirror the 'v' diamond pattern on the band and I wanted to use up some stupid big triangular wire I keep buying over and over (and then  not knowing what to do with it, but not knowing how to order it because of the way it comes described - not gauged. ugh) ANYWAY, so I decided to just cut a chunk of the triangle wire and solder it on and then for practice, and play, and the heck of it - I flush set two 2mm sapphires. Like so:
 so the stones set fine.....but I'm not crazy about the design. weird little ring. I may disassemble it, not sure yet.

Then this week I decided I needed to get back to at least a once weekly studio time, so while the day is not determined, I did take last night as a night and decided to stay the course with the flush setting - nothing too complicated - just getting re-acclimated to my bench.
 I left the topside matte - and set 5 clear CZs, two peridot and one amethyst.
 the inside WAS polished to a very high shine - just along one edge that I had flattened. But much of that got lost as I cleaned the inside of the ring from burs from drilling holes.

I still like it though. Not a bad way to get  back to the bench. So hopefully, whether here or on my website - I'll be blogging more smithing stuff from now on!