Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday Fun

(please click photos for full size images)

Today was an 'ice day' which really turned into a non-event, but I ended up at home for the day anyway. So inbetween my son's playday with his good friend Robbie, which turned into a 3 hour chat with hjis mother *smile* - she's GREAT, so that was actually very nice...anyway, I was able to take some time today to set this stone. I actually kind of liked the ring better when I was looking at the setting I made and then the stone next to it, then the setting, then the stone. Somehow when I put it altogether, it didn't quite float my boat near as much. Anyway, here is the ring from a million different angles.

Feedback is greatly appreciated!

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  1. Hey Janice~
    I think this ring is cool. But I do relate to conceiving an idea, executing it and then going "Man, this doesn't look like I'd imagined!"...happens every time I make a piece..LOL!

  2. Thanks Chris! I didn't have an idea so much going in -- only as far as how to get the faceted stone and point in there..protected. The spikes became or remained 'spikey' just cuz I thought they looked kind of neat when I put them on there, originally I was going to curve them around (they were longer) or bend them, or melt the ends into blobs...but it just kind of stayed like this.