Saturday, November 29, 2008

Post Turkey Day Thanks

I love Thanksgiving - truly. Its one of those peaceful holidays. I mean, yes, there's the cooking and lots of people are travelling and quite often our house has been filled to the brim with family. Yes, there's all of that.

And although the past several years its just been the immediate family, 6 of us, even when we had 20-30 people here I always had this sense of peace....deep peace. And not just peace but a 'fullness' which I guess stems from the THANKS GIVING part of Thanksgiving. The really and truly being thankful to God part - for all that I have. My family (such that it is), my health (such that it is), my fiscal stability, my job, all of it - none of it perfect by any means, but full, so rich, so blessed. I am truly thankful.

While I was preparing some of the food for our thanks giving meal I snapped a photo of this

"Why?" you may ask....would I take a photograph of that?

Well, the thing is. I love this mixer. I could have used the Kitchen Aid mixer, its big and powerful and would have whipped right through the 10 pounds of cooked potatoes. But...well, I like this hand mixer and I've been using it for, well, like....ever. Really.

I think its been my whole cooking life. You see, its my Mom's mixer. And heck, she's had it since she can remember. We figure the mixer is about 50 years old. In today's throw away society thats a long time. And I love that its been passed along and one day, hopefully, the mixer will be mine. And maybe my children will use it eventually. Its got history. Its got soul. It makes me happy. :) I'm so thankful for the women in my family and for this mixer that reminds me of them. And it made it through the 10 pounds of potatoes just fine.


Taters. :)

SO they had a few lumps. Just proves they were hand made. ;-)

And we gathered together and ate a full meal and gave thanks for one another and all God has given us. Including good ol' GE mixers.

I'm also thankful to everyone who reads here, especially those who comment - makes me feel like I'm not just talking to myself. And I hope everyone else had a good turkey day and if you're not from the states and don't celebrate our Thanksgiving holiday or something like it - I highly recommend that you take a day, enjoy a meal with friends and family and find some of that good deep peace that comes with being thankful in the presence of those you love.



  1. Trust me Janice, you're never talking to yourself here. Though I don't always post comments, I always drop by a few times a week. Like grabbing a quick cup of coffee with a good friend! Without the coffee of course!!! Thanks you for being you!!

  2. Wow, they just don't make things like that anymore and what a shame. Its not like it can't be done. My mom gave me her Moms rock polisher and I love to hear it rumbling away in my little work room. I know it polished up stones to perfection for my grandmother I love that sense of continuation.

  3. You've been tagged! - if you want to play - I'd love to learn more about you! :)

  4. Now, *that* is a mixer to have in the kitchen! It is a shame they don't make them like that anymore. Every handheld mixer I've had in my adult life has been burnt up by me trying to mix a batch of those oatmeal/chocolatechip/lotsanuts cookies. I've got the big KitchenAid stand mixer, too, but it doesn't have such a wonderful history behind it. That's what is really so neat about your picture and post of the mixer-- it is something tangible that has been a part of so many of your family holidays, used by so many people you love and admire. May you share many more peaceful Thanksgiving days with your family :)